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On the 3rd of February I would have spent 5 years working for PayPal hence I am due for a 4 weeks sabbatical.

Right now I am hoping to provide some form of value for 3 out of the 4 weeks available to me, if you are reading this you are probably interested in what I have worked on in the past few years and what kind of value I can provide, do find all the details below:

What I worked on

Senior Software Engineer (2014-2017) Braintree PayPal

  • Help scale Braintree’s core funding application reducing the time batch jobs took to complete from days to minutes in some of the cases.
  • Help build out Braintree’s instant sign on experience in Europe.
  • Help scale Braintree’s payment gateway introducing a bunch of micro-optimizations that saved hundreds of milliseconds.
  • Helped rebuild Braintree’s CI system Jenkins leveraging docker for significant improvement in build time. Gave a talk about this at DevopsDays Chicago 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG2_acl-Ks4.
  • Continuous maintenance of Braintree’s CI infrastructure.

Member of Technical Staff (Architect and Technical Lead) (2017-present) Braintree PayPal

  • Led architectural decisions for Kubernetes at Braintree.
  • Led implementation and adoption of Kubernetes at Braintree.
  • Continuous maintenance of Braintree’s Kubernetes infrastructure.

What kind of value can I provide?

While I love to write software, I DO NOT plan to write software during this period as I am not convinced that writing code will be the best use of my time and this arrangement, so find below ways I believe I can add value:

  • Help introduce and envagelize agile practices.
  • Help introduce Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • Help adopt containers.
  • Help review new and existing architectures.
  • Maybe pair program.

If the above sounds interesting you can reach me at abejide.ayodele+sabbatical@gmail.com